I am

Patrick Stevenson


About Patrick

You’ll probably have your picture taken by many photographers over the course of your life. But it’s unlikely you’ll forget the time Patrick Stevenson is behind the lens.

Pat is an institution in this town, and that counts whether it’s your town or mine. He’s the kind of guy who brings the party before he shoots it, and somehow amid the mayhem snaps the best portrait of the week. He’s one man in seemingly one million locations in a single evening, from fashion launches to VIP after parties to weddings, always on time, always professional, always delivering results.

In reality, Pat is one of the strongest brands there is. His presence at an event seems to quietly guarantee that this will be no ordinary night. Sometimes it seems like the entire city knows who he is, and that wouldn’t be far from the truth. The effortless conviviality of the man brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “social photographer”.

What this all means in simple English is that Stevenson knows his subjects intimately before his gear is unpacked and the show has even kicked off. It’s why the organisers of both Parklife and Steresonic festivals have hired him to tour around the country, snapping their international talent in situ and in flagrante in the way only he can. It’s how Hobo, his crew, have assisted and shot Fashion Week for mainstream media three years running.

On the corporate end, he’s snapped high-profile campaigns for major alcohol brands, including both Absolut and Smirnoff vodka, Chivas Regal, Jameson and Hendricks. Fashion leaders including Hermes, Chanel and Ksubi have also utilised his talent. This year will only be Pat’s fifth as a professional photographer; in that space he’s already easily fit two lifetimes worth of work.

Pat has taken out Pedestrian x Ray-Ban’s Photographer Of The Year, flown to the US to shoot Lollapalooza and hosted a string of successful summer parties at Sydney’s Ivy complex. When LinkedIn thought up the idea of endorsing your friends, they never would have seen Stevenson coming. His greatest endorsement lives in his photographs, and chances are he’s out snapping another one right as you finish reading this sentence.

The eyes never lie. Come and see what the fuss is all about.